Though an extremely rare occurrence, an Abomination is created through the unnatural fusion of a Witch and a Demon. Possessing both qualities of the Witch and the Demon, an Abomination is a powerful and blood-thirsty creature. A monster of nightmarish proportions, an Abomination will attack anything caught in their path, be it mortals or Demons. Even the Demons are known to fear an Abomination. Concerned with only feeding upon the Essence of others, Abominations are powerful and extremely dangerous monsters.

Not much is known about these terrible amalgamations, as they have scarcely appeared throughout history. Any Exorcist who encounters an Abomination must stop and destroy it by any means necessary. 

Destroying an Abomination

Similar to destroying a Demon, an Abomination must have either their head or heart removed from their body. Iron, salt and silver have been known to be effective against Abominations. What makes Abominations incredibly dangerous is their ability to use spells and witchcraft, as well as call upon any of their Demonic powers. While they cannot escape to Hell as a Demon may, Abominations will wreck havoc and destruction. As such, Abominations will take priority over other tasks.