A cambion, also known as half-blooded, foul-blooded and several other derogatory terms, are half-breeds. They are mortals born with a Demon parent. A rare occurrence, cambion's have appeared sparingly throughout history. There are many reasons a Demon may seek to sire a cambion, ranging from pure selfishness to a genuine curiosity.


Typically, cambion's will share more physical traits with their mortal parent. cambion's may share few similarities with their Demonic progenitor, however it is typically the child's abilities that are derived from them. cambion's usually take on a paler or darker complexion, depending upon their natural skin tone. It is not unusual for cambion's to sometimes develop more Demonic features later in life, such as horns, fangs or claws. This is however dependent upon their Demonic parentage. Demons who are of a lesser pedigree are known to pass on their more bestial traits to their children.


More often than not, a cambion will inherit some powers from their Demonic parent. cambion's will likely share similar powers to their Demonic parent, with the strength and potency of their powers varying. Typically, the more powerful the Demon, the more power their child will inherit.

cambion's also possess a higher level of stamina and strength than normal mortals. They can usually heal faster, and can sustain greater levels of damage before succumbing. cambion are also known to possess heightened senses and a greater range of perception than the average mortal.