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Skilled warriors, Exorcists have been around since a time immemorial. Many possess a spark of Essence, and use that to combat the dark Magic of Witches and their Demonic Familiars. Exorcists are a dedicated and tightly-knit community of warriors and fighters.

Some Exorcists have a basic understanding of Magic. Those rare few Magic-Users or Magi within the Exorcists sometimes encounter fear and distrust upon their journey. While not all, there are those who have come to fear Magic, and are hesitant (sometimes even refusing) to accept the aid of a Magic-wielding Exorcists. However, the majority are extraordinary Humans. Those without Essence are equipped with artifacts with protective enchantments, and have been training extensively their entire lives to fulfill their duties as an Exorcist.


The Exorcists are governed by a Council of Elders. They have committed the laws and beliefs held by the ancient Exorcists to memory. Commander’s report directly to the Council, and overlook missions and operations undertaken by a Battalion. A Battalion usually consists of seven to ten Companies. Captains are responsible for leading the individual Company. Within the Company, there are the Hunters. They are the fighting force behind the Exorcists. A Company will typically consist of five to eight Hunters and one Captain. The lowest level are the Recruits. They are the rookies, and are often still in training. They typically shift between Companies, and alternate roles until they find one that suits them as an individual. Once their role within a Company has been determined, they are moved to a Company in need of their particular skills.