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Before the events of the Great Cataclysm, the Curses of the world conspired to ensure the survival of mortalkind. In an effort to safeguard the mortals of the world, great constructs—modern wonders of the world—were raised up to protect them from the terrible events that were about to arrive.

These great monuments to mortalkind's resilience were called Havens. The Curses who had these great fortresses constructed sat themselves in the seat of power, controlling and maintaining their personal morsel of civilization after the fall of the rest of the world.

Notable Havens

The Spire

Commissioned by the vampire queen, Carmilla, the Spire is a massive tower that stands somewhere along the borders of what was once known as France and Germany. It is a tiered metropolis, divided into three distinct levels.


The Haven of Crucible is overseen by a dullahan, who's head remains in the possession of the demon Mephistopheles. Crucible is situated within what was once known as the Rocky Mountains, built beneath its peak. The city is largely maintained through the work of the Divers, who descend into the Depths in order to clear Trials and grant the city sustenance and other valuable and useful materials.