The birthplace of demons, Hell is a known also known as the Pit, a place of unending torment and indescribable pain. Hell exists within what is referred to as the Infernal Plane, a chaotic mass of writhing flame.

Hell consists of nine distinct realms, each being commanded by a demon major, more commonly referred to as a Prince of Hell.

Aside from the demons born here, the souls of mortals can also be found in Hell, as they are its primary resource. Most souls are condemned to an existences of unrelenting torture. However, others are twisted and reshaped to suit the needs of Hell's demonic inhabitants. Mortal souls can be corrupted into—but not limited to—machines of war, beasts of burden, building material and other constructs.

The Circles of Hell

The First Circle

Commonly referred to as Limbo, the First Circle of Hell is a mirrored reflection of the Mortal Plane, albeit one that has been grossly distorted and corrupted. Exorcists are known to traverse Limbo in order to deal with demonic threats that have been bleeding into the Mortal Plane from beyond the Veil.

Limbo does not have a prince, but is instead overseen by a small council of higher demons.

The Second Circle

The circle of Lust, also known as Carniventis. The current reigning prince is the succubus, Nias. Serving her as her first lieutenant is Demiess.

The Third Circle

The circle of Gluttony, also known as Festumersum. The current reigning prince is Moloch.

The Fourth Circle

The circle of Greed. The current reigning prince is Koji Inoue.

The Fifth Circle

The circle of Wrath, also known as the River Styx.

The City of Dis

The Sixth Circle

The circle of of Heretics.

The Seventh Circle

The circle of Violence, which is then divided into three separate rings.

The Eighth Circle

The circle of Frauds, also known as Malebolge. The current reigning prince is the Nightmare, Relinoch Loxe.

The Ninth Circle

The circle of Traitors, also known as Cocytus. The current reigning prince is an unknown demon referred to as the Arbiter. Residing here at the heart of the frozen lake is the infamous fallen angel, Lucifer.

The Abyss