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Known as the Big Bad Wolf, Horace has made a name for himself as the strict, menacing leader of the Regents, a fairly small albeit disciplined and powerful pack of lycanthropes. Despite his cold and overbearing demeanor, Horace is a very kind and dedicated individual. He is devoted, honest and hard-working, if a bit cynical. Horace manages the popular nightclub, Big Bad's Den.

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Horace was orphaned at a young age, and never knew his parents name's or what they did. They both passed away shortly after he turned a year old due to a mysterious illness, and was surrendered to an orphanage when no living relatives could be found.

Horace, along with his best friend at the time, Silvio, were adopted by Unari Lupa. Horace often feared punishment, and tried his best to avoid getting into trouble. At a young age, he always sought Unari's approval. However, entering into adulthood, Horace grew irritated and annoyed by her carefree, reckless lifestyle and lazy attitude. 

His relationship with his adopted brother has also become strained, as he worries Silvio will not be able to continue to coast through life as he has been. Horace has oftentimes urged his brother to take things more seriously, and consider carefully about his future. The two often argue over their conflicting views. 




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