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The former Captain of Sparrow Company, James "Jim" Tide led this ragtag group of Exorcists with a lax hand. Laid-back and easy-going, James was driven to near-exhaustion just trying to keep this group from killing one another. Devoted father, and loving husband, James retired from the Exorcists to focus on his family.

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James is married to a lamia, Therse. She is serves as principal at Grinlowe Secondary School. James has two daughters with Therse, the eldest being Anthelis. She takes after her mother, having the torso and face of a girl while her lower-half is that of a serpent. The youngest daughter, Castelia, is more human in appearance like her father.


The Leader of the pack, The “go to” person, The solver of problems. Sees the big picture (often avoiding the details), Cares for the whole village, Can be authoritative, Confident. Adviser and Wise, Offers guidance.



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