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Having begun life as a penniless serf, Koji Inoue had always dreamt of a better life. He became tangled up with the succubus, Vamiir, for a time before becoming a demon himself. After a failed attempt at seizing the royal throne, Koji was resigned to living in Hell. There, he finally encountered the Prince of Frauds, Relinoch Loxe. Koji has been serving under him ever since, biding his time until the day he can rule over Hell itself.

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A loud, ostentatious individual, Koji is the epitome of a self-indulgent braggart. He exudes confidence, and self-importance. An ambitious demon, Koji is unfortunately held back by his fear and own weakness. Despite the facade of a proud and strong-willed individual, Koji at his heart is nothing more than a coward.

Ashamed of his own shortcomings, Koji is an extremely volatile person. His rage can come and go at the snap of finger, and often results in something being broken or someone getting hurt. Koji is prone to such tantrums when things do not go as he planned, or when he does not get his way.

For the most part, Koji is quick to flex his skills and talents. While he may put on a confident persona, Koji is never one to let chance decide his fate. A cheater and a liar, Koji will often manipulate circumstance to benefit his own ends. Of course if he is ever caught tangled up in his own schemes, Koji is quick to resort to displace the blame onto others. If that doesn't work, he moves on to groveling and humiliation in order to spare himself.



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