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Following his older sister, Kenzie Wiles serves with Sparrow Company as their youngest and most enthusiastic member. Kenzie brings a brighter perspective to the crew and lightens the mood when the other Sparrows begin their bickering. An avid chaser of excitement and thrills, Kenzie is a bit reckless and foolhardy.

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Parents Killian and Saoirse Wiles were both loving and doting parents. They served as Exorcists, making up two-fifths of what was once known as Emerald Company. Saoirse, Kenzie's mother, was the Company's Captain. She was a strong individual, steadfast yet kind. She and Kenzie were especially close, Kenzie being her precious little boy.

His parents were both tortured, and then brutally murdered before his very eyes by a Demon who had hunted down the entirety of Emerald Company in retaliation for exorcising her mate.

Vanessa, Kenzie's older sister, has always been protective of her younger brother. Kenzie has looked up to his older sister for as long as he can remember. She was strong like their mother but cold and stern like their father. Vanessa and Kenzie have always been close, but Vanessa has grown to become increasingly possessive and controlling of Kenzie after their parents' murder. She especially disapproves of Kenzie's reckless antics and constant thrill-seeking.


Being both young in age and spirit, Kenzie is an adventurous and daring individual. A bit of a thrill seeker, Kenzie is both reckless and fearless. He is a risk-taker, bold and energetic. He is carefree in nature, prone to avoiding commitments and shirking responsibilities. His greatest fear is perhaps boredom, and falling into habit and routine.

Kenzie is a fairly naive young man, one who is straightforward and simple-minded. He believes in good and evil, and oftentimes sees things in black and white. He dislikes conflict, and will oftentimes try to be a force of peace. He is agreeable and complacent, a friendly and reassuring individual.

His love of excitement and exhilaration is born from a dark place, a deep-seated need to chase after that feeling he had with his brush with death. An otherwise kind and outgoing young man, Kenzie's thrill-seeking sometimes brings his friends and allies into danger. He is careless, though he hardly means any harm. Despite his shortcomings, Kenzie is a sweet boy who likes to have fun.



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