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Known as the Great Corrupter, the demon Mephistopheles has a reputation that precedes him. As notorious as his father, the Reigning King of Hell, Mephisto is widely feared and respected for both his connections and his own merits and accomplishments.

These days, however, Mephisto is oftentimes referred to as the Architect's lap dog—if they're being kind. Having struck a deal with the Architect, Mephisto now must serve obediently, and execute his lord's will.

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On the surface, Mephisto appears to be a suave, charming individual. He speaks elegantly, and carries with him an air of sophistication and refinement. He maintains a strict outward appearance, one of subtle dominance and intelligence.

Mephisto is cunning, controlling and manipulative. His domineering presence is an oppressive one, as he demands absolute fealty from those around him. He is quick to anger when things do not go his way, resorting to violence and unbridled rage to exact his absolution.

His rage is slightly more subdued around the presence of Seth, as he attempts to appear more kindly when he is around. Despite his best efforts, Mephisto has no qualms when it comes to lying to his supposed love. He is just as controlling and overbearing as he is with Seth as he is with his underlings; Seth is just afforded a gentler touch.



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