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A decendant of the first gorgon Stheno, Orsaix is a devoted servant of Relinoch. While he may have made a deal with the demonic Prince, it is clear that Relinoch is the one giving the commands. Underneath that sweet, innocent persona is a deeply tortured and conflicted individual. Orsaix struggles to let go of his terrible past, and oftentimes indulges in his darker callings. Serving as a secretary to Relinoch's human alter-ego, Orsaix covertly operates as his spy and informant. No one suspects Orsaix's true allegiance.

Personal Details

Physical Description



At face value, Orsaix appears to be a soft-spoken and timid young man. He is self-conscious, hesitant and uncertain. He stutters and stammers through his words, and seems to struggle with social interactions as he lacks the necessary conversational skills. He appears to be extremely weak-willed, gullible and easily swayed one way or another.

Orsaix desires to be stronger, to be able and willing to stand up for himself. However he lacks the confidence, and is oftentimes doubtful of himself and his abilities. He is prone to becoming frustrated with his own ineptitude and failings. He is fixated on his faults and his weaknesses.

Deep down, Orsaix simply desires to feel wanted. He wants nothing more than to feel he belongs, and to know where his place is in the world. He has an extremely naive view on love, making him easy to manipulate.



Petrifying Gaze

Like all gorgons, Orsaix's gaze is a weapon. While his lineage may not possess as powerful a gaze as those by Medusa's line, he can still pose a threat to anyone unsuspecting.

Orsaix's gaze can petrify anyone who looks directly into his eyes. They are then rendered paralyzed for a few hours. Humans are affected at a greater rate than alius.

Those who are paralyzed in this manner are left aware of what is happening to them and around them. They can still feel everything that occurs to them, though they are unable to react in any way to outside stimuli.

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