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Once a Watcher, Ramiel is now known as a fallen angel. Captured by demons, he was tortured and maimed, having had his wings sawn off. In Hell, he battled in a tournament of sorts, fighting against other angels who had been imprisoned, and forced into violent and vicious duels to the death, battles for survival. Ramiel eventually met the succubus Demiess, and the two were quickly enthralled by one another. He would go on to sire many of her offspring, including the demons Cole, Pan and Loki

Personal Details 

Physical Description 

Fair skinned, with a complexion that is only slightly flawed by the appearance of light freckles, Ramiel is often described as appearing ethereal and radiant.

He has a heart-shaped face, with a fairly pointed chin. Short pointed ears poke out from either side of his head.

Ramiel has a fairly wide pair of pale-colored lips. His nose is long and pointed and angled upwards slightly.

His eyes are a little wide-set, and narrow. Ramiel's eyes are gold in color, and his pupil shimmers like a golden jewel.

Ramiel keeps his light-colored hair short and neat. It rests naturally atop his broad shoulders and is platinum blond. The fringe is usually side-swept to keep them out of his eyes.

At 6'7" Ramiel is tall and fairly thin. He has a narrow waist and is somewhat toned muscularly. The scars from where his wings had been sawn off still remain on his back. In terms of posture, Ramiel carries himself rather proudly and stands his full height in most instances.





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