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Skirt-chasing and skating through life on the coattails and charity of others, Silvio somehow manages to lead a pack of lycanthropes known as the Silverbacks. Much to his brother's chagrin, Silvio never takes life too seriously as he is far too busy trying to find bedside company for every night. Taking after his adoptive mother, Unari, Silvio is far more interested in having fun than dealing with responsibilities.

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Vinicio and Demetra Rossini were abusive and manipulative parents. Addicted to drugs and a dangerous lifestyle, living with his own parents was a nightmare. Silvio finally had enough, and ran away when he was only five years old.

He ended up living in an orphanage, where he became close friends with Horacio, who would later become his adopted brother. 

Always the trouble-maker, Silvio was surprised when he learned that he had been adopted. Unari took in the two boys, as they were always causing her trouble anyway, at least now, as their mother she could reprimand them for all their mischief.

Silvio and Horace were once inseparable, but as they grew into young men, it became clear that their bond was growing strained. Horace was growing strict and controlling, while Silvio continued to live his life shamelessly. 

While he and Unari may sometimes argue, it is clear that they share a kindred spirit and have grown to share a close bond.




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