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A powerful succubus of Hell, Vamiir commands powers over cold and frost. Seductive and with a penchant for domination, Vamiir is a beautifully vindictive Demon seeking only to exact her revenge upon her nemesis, Ceolizohr Raam. Within the Mortal Realm, she is known as Lady Valentine.

Personal Details

Physical Description

Standing at approximately 6' 2", Vamiir is a rather imposing succubus. She has a shapely form, of which her extra appendages are most prominent.

Vamiir has narrow, angular features. She has a slightly upturned nose, much like the rest of her family. Her eyes are narrow, with pale grey irises. Her pupils are black, and cross-shaped.

She has a pointed chin, and her make-up consists of primarily pale blues. She seems to always have a layer of frost on her cheeks, just below her eyes. Her complexion is otherwise fair, and somewhat pale.

Her hair is split into two layers. The top layer is a cold silver, and lays flat over her head. The bottom layer is longer, curled and is a pale blue hue to match her make-up.


With her mother, Demiess, being a succubus, Vamiir has many siblings. However, there aren't many who are even worth mentioning.

Her father, the former Lord of Carniventis, was slain by its current Lord, Nias. Vamiir's father, Bolvaar the Profane, was deceived and betrayed by his mate, Vamiir's mother. After siring a demon with another succubus, Demiess sought her revenge and moved to replace him with another demon. Demiess approached one of his lieutenants, Nias, and she quickly accepted the offer. 

Vamiir's rival and half-brother, Ceolizohr, is responsible for her missing arm.


Like many succubi, Vamiir is a hyper-sexual demon. She is seductive and charming. Her alluring wiles is how she traps her prey, promising them carnal delights and unearthly pleasures. She flaunts her flirtatious and promiscuous nature unabashedly.

Vamiir is a vain demon, as she put much effort into her appearance and reputation. She loves to be in control, being pampered and treated like the royalty she feels is deserved of her.

At her core, Vamiir is a vindictive and unforgiving succubus. She is quick to be provoked by jealousy and envy. Vamiir is cold and quiet rage, and when a slight has been preformed against her, will hold a grudge until the end of time.



Demonic Powers

As a succubus, Vamiir possessed a demonic magnetism that makes her attractive to mortals. Those of weak wills will find her near irresistible.

Due to her parentage, Vamiir can boast of physical prowess. She can regenerate from otherwise fatal wounds fairly quickly. She has also inherited an affinity for the element of cold and frost. She can manipulate the temperature around her, as well as summon constructs of ice to serve a multitude of purposes.

Like most other demons, Vamiir has heightened senses. She can see fairly well in the dark, hear better than most and move faster than her peers.

Other Information